Did you wake up to something thumping around the house? If you find that you have a bat in your home or office  call us at 215-527-8779. We will come right out and capture your panic causing critter.

*Emergency Rates vary due to time of day/night, and location. Call for more info.

 **If you have had this happen before it is a good indication that there is a bat colony somewhere on the structure.* 

​Warehouses, large buildings, and structures such as parking garages offer plenty of gapped flashing and other entrance points that bats come and go with ease. Their guano and urine can cause unsafe working conditions and even destroy product.


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Bat Removal in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, Lehigh Valley, and surrounding areas.


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Welcome to www.BatFreeBuildings.com. We are Philadelphia and South Eastern Pennsylvania #1 professional bat removal experts. Bats are one of the most complicated wildlife nuisances to deal with.   If the problem is ignored or not dealt with correctly the damage to your home or business could be extremely costly and the health hazards can be extremely dangerous.  Luckily you have come to the right place!  We will set your mind at ease and provide you with a guaranteed solution.

 All work done by BatFreeBuildings.com is guaranteed up to 5 years and is color matched to the building. We take pride in making your home or business look as good if not better than before your unwanted guests moved in.  Call us today to schedule your inspection! 215-527-8779

With over development of our forests, we have diminished the bat's natural roosting areas of rotted out trees and caves. They now frequently take up shelter in our homes. They prefer attic spaces but also get into walls and sometimes basements as well. Call today to schedule a home inspection. 

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