1.Do notpanic. Try to remain calm especially if there are children in the house.  All animals can sense stress and we want the bat to be as calm as possible as well. (makes them easier to catch) Call us right away at 215-527-8779

2. Limit accessIf the bat is flying around a bedroom, close the door to that room and lay a towel at the bottom of the door.  If the bat is flying around the house, close as many doors as possible to limit the area that would possibly have to be searched.

3. Keep track.Don't lose track of the bat while it is flying around.  Once lost, they tend to hide very well making the chances of finding it very low.  Keeping an eye on it until we get there will save you money and hours of sleep.

4. Schedule a daytime inspection.  ‚ÄčIf you get a bat in your home, it is a good sign that there is a colony there. Schedule a professional inspection to determine if there is an issue or not and what your options are.

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